I viennyt so many ads that longer able / have time.

But you can download the ad from this website and throw / brackets are in place thanks to some reasonable! W , 14.4.2004 Tampere was good that the ads from that from the IMF, but still … time to go put it there a couple of street-side, too? Jani laws, or visit again, but if you have time. Santtu Ahlman , 04/13/2004 Hop. festeille I wonder if anyone going to the direction of the Pori? I needed a ride after festien back (by bus still runs) … If the capacity of the car, so could take us by phone (044-5096814) Tahi mail itself (s_ahlman@hotmail.com). thank. Escarbe Samantha , 13.04.2004Greetings to Jani , from Australia. www.listen.to / virgin black Toni Mäki-Leppilampi , 4/12/2004Could you please try to adjust these colors on this web site in such a way that would see something not just in the dark, or extra-bright monitor. When the sun is shining in the room so can not see anything. I do not even see the text that I write now. Therefore, the contrast could be increased.Immortal seoul , 8.4.2004 would not it again next year, Nokia time to hear the Immortal soulsia?Sami Marte , 05/04/2004 Boost pressure band IMF was! Although next year with a view! See.www.ahtopaine.com Sami Marte marte@surfeu.fi 050 33 111 85 Sami Marte , 04/05/2004 Boost pressure band IMF was! Although next year with a view! See. www.ahtopaine.com Sami Martemarte@surfeu.fi 050 33 111 85 James , 27.3.2004 Would it Kuopio, the direction of anyone coming to the festival? Kaipailisin ride … organizer , 03.22.2004 more photos after the festival atmosphere! hopefully a little parenpi laatusia to stand out! Thank you for your feedback, your feedback will continue to guarantee and may also suggest / comment on the festival itself all possible! thank you! Malibongwe , 03.21.2004 Not oo, at least not too korkeatasosi those photos.! : D Plus you can not see the color choices really little wonder. organizer , 17.3.2004 word of mouth is the best advertisement. pistäkääs word forward. just me , 17.3.2004 true … Wille , 16.3.2004 I would start to be high time to put those ads later in the bad advertising compliment. .. , 9.3.2004Coming will only be achieved if … :) blood ed , 03/08/2004 great site! tuutte hear the unheard of and very fast grind core :) also Swedish boys suppose we wait for the show! bless you all and come and attend! trv. bitch Tomi M , 5.3.2004 All we know of Jesus you do not expect is lived but we certainly expected? .. , 3.3.2004 Advertise mainostaaaa …. ;) The author, Janne , 28.2.2004Thank you for the feedback .. darkness is now set lighter and I have tried to test a few on the screen for all to appear as well. If you are still going to be something to say here .. just feedback from the ad a couple of days here, and download the appropriate updates cartage and new bands will be made. Me , 26.2.2004 Can I even made ​​page here a great ad for this event which you could print out and put on a wall somewhere … Eero , 25.2.2004  Welcome, I realized that bändikavereiltani Meiän band with tons would be coming to play, apparently the singer has already Jani Lehtinen agreed recently that we are coming to play there the other 17.4 bands, so it could also mention our band surface website? band has Blooded (Death / Grind) , Eero / drummer Mikko Saari , 24.2.2004 Moi! Would otherwise be great if you could even copy the below message to your website: shuttle bus from Helsinki Immortal Metal Festeille 4.17 The combined delivery to all interested Nokia Immortal Metal Fest from Helsinki, Mäntymäen from 17.4. at 14 (next to the big parking Opera). Return back to the same place Saturday and Sunday night, whenever it is possible to leave people in the metropolitan area \ “along the way \” on the way back. Voyage round-trip costs 20 euros, in addition to each individual festival and buy yourself a ticket € 7. A bus ride is met if the Friday 2.4. According to the latest has registered at least 20 people. So register as soon as that, deadline is accurate! The trip is considerably cheaper and more convenient than public transport, in addition to kimppamatkustuksessa is always a unique atmosphere. Distance of the final confirmation of the information contained in la 3.4. except those registered directly meiliin / text messages, so would the Christian metal, as well as the forum for radikaali.net cent. If the trip is to ensure the subsequent registration in a particular welcome. trip is the same youth worker / journalist Mikko Saari. Direct links to information and registration: mikko.saari @ welho.com or 040 – 837 9291. , MS- Ilkka Kontturi , 20.2.2004 Yeah .. agree with the previous one .. Within these pages, the author is a stunning tehä Naa valosuus to the fullest :) red we can not distinguish the background :) Millaa Cosmic , 20.2.2004 weather pages certainly be bleak, but these are illegible, aka one hundred times brighter, but that red, it is not gloom of loss, if The background color will remain the same.

Festien street address obviously changes!

Festien street address obviously changes! info about these changes comes later! Jani , 02.09.2005If you have ExpressCard järkkäri and you want to come to work festeille contact! Jani , 02/07/2005 I think you’re going to 24.00 tienoille.Katotaan ny how much the crowd, but when you have that kind of \ “good \” metal orkestereita.Jos bunch is the nokian May Day march in the next year so the name is Kari Tapio. miika , 02/07/2005 moneltahan concert then stops? now is the quality of bands like Yes. a wonderful thing. metal rocks Yeah , 2.2.2005 bändceja good and ok price. Good job, the event is finally Metalfest Jere , 2/2/2005 ‘s great that featured, although I do not really find any Ristinollasta power metal. I said I would prefer for example, hard rock or suomiheviksi. I do not know which is the official designation of the band’s self-style. But enivei, good effect of that event. I’ll be there if the Lord willing. b_d , 1.2.2005 bleakwail’d be really great to see live again. And these pages’d be nice to see the updated … ;) JL , 1.2.2005 FA was last year!Gucifer , 01/31/2005 From Ashes to the IMF! Finland hardest Satanism gospel Espoo. Certainly will not leave anyone indifferent, but all can go to hell. henkähtävää , 31/01/2005 I was last Saturday, 29.1.-05 Keuruu New Life concert, awesome atmosphere! … but there was someone … sielä band competition for beginners, one of them hit home immediately: Frail (h-rock) … brilliant!We would hear it like a still toistekki =) ……. , 29.1.2005 Hilatkaa Vardoger Norwegian to play there! proof , 28.1.2005 REBEL HEAD wants to come too!

Take Bleakwail to play, I’d like to see them after a long time!

Tanja heini , 20/01/2005 Undeniably good … Mcr , 20/1/2005 It seems saiteilla other mention of those bands who’d be the result. Tätyy says, you do not have good choices … Krisu , 01/20/2005MILITARY CALL! Hop , 20/01/2005 Boost pressure the IMF soittaan! Jani L , 18.1.2005 About festeistä the end of the month / next month alussa.Päivä However, 04.09.05 . Bands can not tell until everything is agreed! really hard names are about! Metalhead777 , 18.1.2005 Bleakwail play Immortal metal festeille! Viktor , 14.1.2005 not’d be high time to publish some information about the festival, such as esimerkiks date? Metal777 , 12.1.2005 Yeah, would’ve brought Parakletos still a good choice for the Finnish-Swedish Christian metal .. Although the fishing rod in the band, but their guy a few you are still somehow arrange play there … Kysäskäähän if you could get those guys somehow there so you’ll be there iha sure the IMF Faan! Jonah , 1/11/2005 Parakletos, antesor, holy blood, extol, random eyes, crimson moon light … if you could get one of these to play’d otherwise pretty awesome thing!!! Yeah , 06/01/2005 Holyblood play! metal friends , 5.1.2005 tuorniquet: ii you have a sit and then you have Mortification, extol, Antestor, living sacrifice, kekal, drottnar, sanctifica, demon hunter, still breathing, vip, immortal Seoul, … heini , 22.12.2004 Yeah, Immortal Immortal souls .. :) Anu , 22.12.2004 Next year, it would be nice to get festeille high-quality power to it ( Theocracy!) and a bit more far reaching set … too bad that Crimson Moonlight was already this year … whether Immortal Souls again? What about Random Eyes? Viktor , 19/12/2004 The previous message was read, of course Admonish or Asmonish …http://www.admonish.org/ Jani , 18.12.2004 Decisions bands etc are made ​​in January! Victor , 18.12.2004 good foreign guest’d Antestor , Vardoger, Frosthardr, Asmonish or Inevitable End (I stayed in realistic, ie the Nordic bands). That would be Immortal Souls: also nice to see the shit, also Renascent, VIP and Random Eyes … and, of course, Venia and Bleakwail ;) When will be published in next year’s date? idea , 10.12.2004 Manifold pressure could be interesting to see if a little .. \ “lighter \” to set there .. Ra , 10.12.2004 … And it would be good to get Eschatology bouncing on the bench. Relatively new, but plenty of activity. Ra , 10.12.2004 Lumina Polaris and Venia’d be pretty hard names ens festeille. Yes those names would grow hair fast. * Mosh * heini , 29/11/2004 Yes, Excubiae’d be good choise. Hair Metal , 27.11.2004 Tic Tac Toe! Definitely the most exclusive, the bands in Finland. And a newcomer like Excubiae or Venia ahem , 26.11.2004 I trusted certificate was ringing the dry and song horrible! band fits these festeille the nose on the back, or not lainkaan.Kuten is not suitable for therapy / rain etc! Shadow Weaver , 16.11.2004Reliable certificate pulled really good quality gig MN in. IMF to mind is the Snail Plate sank young audience. Unfortunately, Snail on the Platen music is similar in style teinipopahtavaa, but it seems to be classified as metal teinipopahtavasssa today’s world. :) Melometalrokk , 12.11.2004 Yeah, and Random Eyes, or, alternatively, Tic Tac Toe. Lumina Polaris could be a realistic choice. Rock , 11.11.2004 war cry rings! joumäännigga , 9.11.2004 Reliable certificate pukkasi out just 7-biisisen disc, which does seem like a … well, kuuneltavalta. Not vaiskaan tough sets are, so you might want to think about wondering if they were asked to play the next festival (www.luotettava.net) MN-Fest sees the potential in them, whether the condition of the event :) fairyG , 11/07/2004 How seinne metal music is intended to take? namely, my hope; e.g. Pressure, no mans band, remus, the reckless, frail, etc etc. Nyt_soi_extol , 4.11.2004 Yeah, I too should mention bänditoiveina bronze snake, Venia and Renascent. Jani , 31.10.2004 We are looking for kortillisiä Stewarding future festeille! So if you are interested please send Meilian! jani , 29.10.2004 Renascent is quite a serious orchestra! but the problem is that half of the members live in ruotsissa.Mutta go to the lords of pages and ask them to festeille? , I , 25.10.2004 Yeah hey so am Renascent’d pretty cool and parakletos .. ….. , 23.10.2004 Time a bad joke in my opinion. Jani \ “real organizer \” , 19.10.2004 It is a hoax! .. , 19.10.2004 So, I believe it was just a joke jonkuin brings. .embarrassed , 10/17/2004 Immortal Ayatollah Iraq? Google I found some of the same name pändin which calls itself the \ “True Islamist black metal \” band … Is it just from that pändistä? So islamiuskoinen Pandi Christian festival performer? What in the world? Joseph , 07.10.2004 Hello, festival keeping too close to any other Christian metallihäppeninkiä’s really stupid idea. That is, by no means Bobfestien with the same month. You should have such issues with tactical recovery, kattokaas. Ie April-May would be just perfect the. band The proposals will, as Ukraine poijjaat Holy Blood could be an interesting experience, and probably no insurmountable difficulty at all the band get a gig in Finland. Will be happy to leave. And one thing that would be nice, of course, would be that if you do not need to read the red text on black background. Out-and-out color combination, awful heavy. After all, it methul, but it does not serve much if you do not get clear. mie , 6.10.2004Hello Parakletos’d also probably true kommee! Jani l , 10/03/2004 Yeah one foreigner with the band has been around for some exploratory, but let ny! I wonder what that festival (organizers) gonna keep? heini , 03/10/2004 Well then Immortal mean there are quite enough .. tuleekos yet others? organizer , 10/03/2004 Next year’s performers have now been closed: ie No Man \ ‘s BandImmortal Ayatollah (Iraq ) Immortal Souls Immortal (NOR) .. , 2.10.2004 Theocracy too! Meika , 1.10.2004 Renascent! Immortal souls! .. , 30.9.2004 Yeah hey imf hold even in March next year, tarttis not wait that long .. :) heini , 29.9.2004 Yeah, metal event is a wonderful thing. It might be a good one, but to arrange spaces other than srk for. Small spaces and sounded like a bad call there.But no mans band now, every year … even if Venia when it is … And now a new Scion. Thanks and actions as a blessing! :) heini , 29.9.2004 Yeah, metal event is a wonderful thing. It might be a good one, but to arrange spaces other than srk for. Small spaces and sounded like a bad call there.But no mans band now, every year … even if Venia when it is … And now a new Scion. Thanks and actions as a blessing! :) Erno , 22.9.2004 asked the band extol their suggestions and Antestor’d really harsh words, and other good’d kekal, living sacrife, sanctifica, paramaecium, slechtvalk .. it is jotai ny .. you do a good job and I want to thank you for your immortal metal fest’s organizers.Bless you. Do you love the excitement of loud metal music? Then you are going to love the wild fun to be had at the finest casino online! Ùlthar , 09/15/2004 foreigners Seventh Avenue could be pretty tough word .. Petri , 15/09/2004 They are next year’s bands: Crimson Moonlight ( even though it was already this vuonna9 Random Eyes, definitely Oratorio (even if already olikin9 No man \ ‘s band. .. There are some, even if you could get one for next year, Jani l , 09.15.2004 We are trying to get their first 1-2 years of foreign bands and therefore the ticket price rises 10e s (note that ticket prices will not rise). though not up to us who rises on the stage at any given time (unfortunately). Bands terms mennään.Mutta wishes may be sent! jani , 25.8.2004 good kimi, is by no means written in the stars what metal music is all about. gosbel differs from other metals, only the lyrics, and sometimes even from those respects. should check out things before judging! little has been difficult otherwise gategorioida this kind of music, when bands play a single metal. … that and the other, the bronze serpent that the discretion of the watch! metallihörhö , 21.8.2004 Finland’s probably not this rankenpaa believers music event (Cross Rock, barely bothered to black metal bands to the program), so Arrange for proper facilities in the 2005 Immortal Metal Festiä against. then you could arrange ANTESTO Rin and Exto Lin concerts. Sweden BOBFESTiin is too cumbersome to go.Kimi / Wounds (Nokia) , 21.8.2004 Why is the festival’s name is Immortal METAL fest? _kristillisten_ It is the festival of orchestras? Christianity and CLAD has nothing to do with each other … COJETE A DIOS POR EL CULO! ! 666!! Mills , 21.8.2004 on these festivals could be pu band brought bronze snake. though it was back in 2002, it’d be nice to see live :) , 06/28/2004Keuruu good spirit! Jani , 18.6.2004 Puolivuotta.Tai or less more? , I , 18.6.2004Juhannuslähestyy! anymore pulivuotta imf’s minsku , 06/02/2004 Yes, the address of where to find more information is www.ohmgroup.tk to my knowledge. Jani , 29.5.2004 Keuruu held in midsummer festival which includes: no man ‘ s band, blooded and jack of trades, etc. Tickets 8e Keuruu sports hall. Jani L , 05.08.2004 Let katsotaan.Bändien choices also affect the length of the festival and sponsors, and batch etc! Jaakko , 05/05/2004 From Ashes is so loud band that, yes, they should to get involved next year! Erne , 23.4.2004 I do not think that was a bad saundit stick mixer, but the state. You never know whether it is true at all, but was a feelin .. rock on, the event was still a neat :) Misericor , 21.4 .2004 Heh 777kävijä =] Kiits really fine festeistä! Kimmo Köykkä , 20.4.2004 Keep me that next year, the IMF would play a band called the Grey Keto, who plays heavy death / metalcore metal gospel. Markus , 19.4.2004 Olarin church retkue also thanks a lot. Loved it! Next year, then again … it was Mikko Saari Dudes ride järkkääjä, Respect Mikko!Routhok , 19/04/2004 The event was really awesome, thank you to the organizers … Again next year according to … I put in were some pictures and a few video clip. Gallery can be found at http://koti.mbnet.fi/routhok/imf/ and videos http://koti.mbnet.fi/routhok/imf/videot/ Jani , 04/18/2004 Oh, and thanks to the guy who organized the big ride IMF! good atmosphere more like that in the game! Micah , 04/18/2004 Thanks to Jack and the other a brilliant festival! It was really cool k once again to call in the IMF even if the metal väänetäkkään … :-) Saundipolitiikasta to the extent that would help a lot if everyone would bring their own orchestral sound guy with him, and of course, I know that it is not always possible. But not more than fun spring and given the hair grow! Jani , 18/04/2004 Thank you to all who participated! particular, I would like to THANKjunior staff and an underground record on trade, as well as all voluntary helpers!! Äänetoiston with had a few problems but we hope to reach a larger and acoustically better premises next year!Mikko and Erne , 04/18/2004 Moi. esiiintyjäzetti good roads. Then, constructive feedback. We wonder why the festivals organized in the same place as last year. There it was the sounds work, as opposed to this year’s location. Unfortunately, the good performers lost a lot because of the framework. The shows are a good platform replaced the proper sound. event, was the IMF was nice and a good atmosphere of the event. It was nice to be included! The alien will be headlined by a good inch. ‘ll see you next year, when the sound is working again! T: SMPD (Finnish Metal Police Department) Jani , 17.4.2004 cars should be left to the center! before the church is not a lot of parking space! (and the point in the center of the church is within walking distance so no not much!)


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Competition is over (Suggest 2007 Immortal Metal Festien Finnish and foreign headliner!) with the most votes were: Deut Finn headlined, foreigners most hoped Drottnaria and Narnia (equal number of votes) Awards won: Miika Hovi, Taisto Laatto and Reetta Juniper Congratulations to the winners! The next race after the festival.

T-shirts available

Immortal Metal Fest T-shirts are available for party info pisteestä.Uudet-shirts will be on sale on Saturday, 19.5.07 (seen in the picture the shirt is an older model) NEW model!

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Seventh Avenue

Festival headliner Seventh Avenue is a German power metal / speed metal band orchestra. The band is takonut 8 records and gone light years ahead in their careers. The band has got the best sulokurkkujen and thrown gigs around the world. And now it is the conquest of Finland’s turn. Now you can really amp up your night by checking out the best music and gaming with your mobile phone casino right in the palm of your hand. 70th minute and the whole two years making nascent space opera Teriumille has hit today’s power metal album of the unusually large number of successes.Seventh Avenue riffs are not the latest in any field, but they are whipped into shape melodies are so functional that they be replaced with teutonihevarin rest. And what is a Seventh Avenue choruses any nostatellessa as Teriumilla kertsit are a systematic, hake, quote, the best A-team. (8) Imperiumi.net WEBSITE